Wedding Venue Details

Let us help you create your dream wedding!

Wedding Barn at ShyLynn Ranch Barn Interior at ShyLynn Ranch Ceremony Site at ShyLynn Ranch

Venue fee: $15,500 +gst

(Now booking into 2021)

*Weddings in 2021 (and beyond) will feature some additional inclusions not listed below, please be sure to ask us about those bonuses when inquiring.

Couples today are growing more creative by the minute, and we love it! You've been waiting for this moment your whole life, let us help you make it as incredible as you have always imagined it would be!

We are excited to offer you exclusive access to this breathtaking property. Surrounded by trees and mountainsides, your wedding will be remembered for years to come.

What's included?

Our wedding package provides you and your guests with exclusive use of the Ranch including:

  • Wedding Barn: Full use of the beautiful 6000 sq ft wedding barn featuring a custome built head table (on a stage), large dance floor and warm white lights throughout the ceiling.
  • DJ Booth: Your DJ has a large booth where they can set up all of their equipment. Built on as an extension to the barn, this will allow them to set up everything as they please without taking floor space away from your table arrangements.
  • Caterer Prep Area: This area includes a large commercial size fridge, a residential size stove and 24 feet of counter space for all their prep needs.
  • Coffee/Tea Service: We take care of coffee for your guests (available during bartending hours only). Our supplies include disposable cups but if you prefer to have ceramic cups for your guests you will need to include them in your rental list.
  • Built in Bar: This amazing feature comes with an incredible in-house bartender! Her fee is $10/hr and even though she shows up early to set up your bar and start cooling your drinks, as well as stays late to clean up, you only pay for her services during the serving hours. Although you probably have friends who would love to be your bartender, our in house one is actually manditory due to liability restrictions.
    *She can only serve alcohol during the specified hours on your liquor licence, please keep this in mind when scheduling your service start/end time on your application.
  • Wedding Decor: We are excited to invite you to check our new Wedding Decor Album on our FaceBook page. Here, you can make selections and choose whatever decor you'd like to use (*for free) during your reception. We are always adding to our decor selection, love it! Several different styles of lanterns, candles, candle holders, wood rounds, we could go on and on. Let's just say you'll definitely have fun shopping.
    *We simply require a separate damage deposit of $200 (or a credit card on file) during your use of these items, but we hand it right back to you on Sunday once we've put everything back into stock.
  • Dishware: We are excited to now offer dishware for your reception night. This includes plates, cutlery (forks & butter knives), wine glasses and water glasses. It's always a great idea to let your caterer know that dishes are not only provided by your venue, but that your venue also takes care of washing them. Most caterers are used to washing up after dinner service (this may be built into your catering quote) but we take care of all of that for them.
  • Linens: Another new item we are excited to include is table linens. We've brought in a selection of the most popular colors for you to choose from. Aside from tablecloths we also offer table runners and cloth napkins. Please check out our Wedding Decor Album on our Facebook page to see photos.
  • Bridal Dressing Suite: This gorgeous building is for use on the day of your wedding, it features a large dressing room, 14ft vanity counter with large mirrors and beautiful side lighting, as well as all the comforts you'll need to get ready in style.
  • Parking Attendant: On the day of your wedding, not only do they show your guests to the perfect parking spot, they will happily assist your guests in any way possible.
  • Tons of time for setup and takedown. The Ranch books out for weekend events, which means if your wedding is on Saturday, you are more than welcome to start setting up as early as Friday morning, guests can also start to arrive on Friday (staying Friday and Saturday night, check out time is 3pm on Sunday).
  • Set-up and Take down: Not sure how to arrange tables and design your decor? That's okay, we can do that for you. We will meet you ahead of time (usually upon your arrival on the Ranch for the weekend) and go over exactly what you'd like, including a sample table. We'll do your basic set up on Friday, and then complete all your details on Saturday morning while everyone is getting gorgeous! We completely understand how tough the 'day after' can be so we're happy to do your clean up for you. There is no additional fee for these services, simply let us know ahead of time and we'll take care of everything!
  • On-site "day of" Wedding Co-ordination. Yup, we do that too! While one of our staff can help make sure everything runs on time, another member of our staff can run behind the scenes to make sure all your decorations are in place, your vendors have everything they need and all of your guests are happy. If you would like us to assist with your "day of" coordination, please be sure to book this service ahead of time. There is no additional fee for us to assist you, we simply need to ensure we have enough staff on hand. If you're considering a professional Wedding Coordinator/Decorator, we have some amazing ones on our vendor page that you're sure to fall in love with! All are highly recommended by us and our wedding couples.
Bridal Dressing Suite at ShyLynn Ranch Mingling Deck at ShyLynn Ranch Outhouse at ShyLynn Ranch

What Else?

Our staff is here for you every step of the way! While there is no limit to ways we can help you, we're also behind-the-scenes doing everything we can to make your wedding run flawlessly.

  • Assisting your vendors in any way we can such as:
    • Ensuring your bartender has everything they need to provide your guests with amazing service.
      *We have ice available for sale for bar use, they are $2.50(tax inc) and are supplied by H2O4U. We noticed wedding couples were struggling to bring in coolers full of ice for their bar so we brought in a huge ice freezer and the amazing crew at H2O4U delivers to us weekly to ensure you're fully stocked.
    • We are always there to help if your caterer should need any assistance with clearing tables, refreshing food items, ensuring your buffet area is clean and beautiful at all times, etc.
    • We are very diligent at making sure all garbage and recycling bins are clean and refreshed throughout your entire event.
  • And one of the best parts we have to offer you and your guests is a late shut down time, you're event is welcome to go as late as 1 AM!
    *After 1 AM, guests are more than welcome to carry the party on into the night in the campground.

What can your guests expect?

  • Camping in our exclusive campground on Friday & Saturday nights (check out is 3pm on Sunday). Weddings include full use of the campground so none of your guests need to pay to camp. We always encourage couples to include this on their wedding invitations that the Bride & Groom have taken care of everything and guests are welcome to camp for free. (Guests really love that feature).
  • Our large shower house (featuring 2 separate showers).
  • Our outhouses are built here on site (not the plastic ones). They are cleaned daily (more if needed as we are always here for you).
  • Picnic tables are available throughout the camping areas.
  • A water fill station just as they enter the campground.
  • Generators are more than welcome in the campground, we don't have a shut down time on generators.
  • Guests are welcome to enjoy music at the campground (no shut down time), we simply ask that the volume be kept at a reasonable level.

What you'll need:

  • A Special Events liability Policy from any insurance company that covers all the days of your event, with a minimum coverage of $2 million. This policy must include the following information (it's at no extra cost to you, it's simply an inclusion in your policy that our insurance requires). ShyLynn Ranch and it's owners must be included as additionally insured (names are: ShyLynn Ranch, William M. Ross, Angela Ross, William D. Ross, Sharie Ross, Alan Ross, Brenda Morgan). The policy must also cover your entire weekend dates. Once you have your policy you're welcome to email it to us so we can include a copy in your file. That way, if you forget to bring a copy with you, we've already got one here. *Weddings cannot take place without this policy.
  • A Special Events Licence if you are serving any type of alcohol. This licence is available online at
  • Our in-house bar tender has their Serving It Right certificate (we can provide you with her number upon request, or you can leave that part blank to be filled in later).
  • We'd love to show you around any time! Book your tour of the Ranch today! Call us at (250) 832-2626

Couch in field at ShyLynn Ranch Chris and Alex at ShyLynn Ranch Bride and Groom at ShyLynn Ranch
Dessert Table Bride's Dress Bride in Dressing Suite Flowers and Log Display