Wedding guests are invited to stay in our exclusive campground right here on the Ranch!

Campers arriving for Wedding Campsite 9 at ShyLynn Ranch Campsite 6 at ShyLynn Ranch

Campground services:

  • Water fill available as guests turn into the campground area.
  • Sites are 'dry' (generators are more than welcome)
  • Picnic tables and firepits are located throughout the campground.
  • Beautiful outhouses built right here on the Ranch. They include child friendly seats and hand sanitizer.

Available for guests:

  • Firewood (tax inc)
    • $5 per bundle or
    • $20 tailgate load.
  • Ice (tax inc)
    • $2.50 per bag (5.95 lbs)
  • We deliver right to your site!

Pets are always welcome! more info

Kids playing in Salmon River at ShyLynn Ranch Campfire at ShyLynn Ranch Refreshments at ShyLynn Ranch

Camping Accommodations

We have 1 RV here on site available for rent. Rentals page). We've also gathered a list of other companies that offer RV rentals in the area.

Located close to us:

Shuswap Holiday RV Rentals


U Move It


Little RV Rentals


New Horizon RV Rentals


A&M RV Rentals


Executive RV Rentals


For guests flying into Kelowna and wishing to pick up a Motorhome from there:

Valley RV Rentals


RV Rentals Kelowna


*We always do everything we can to help our guests have the best experience possible while staying with us here on the Ranch. We'd love to hear your customer feedback when working with the RV rental companies so we may have a better idea of who to best recommend. Thank you.